“Pasta Sunday: Our Traditional Italian Sunday dinner”

Sundays are a special time for our family. Chef Greg is in the kitchen cooking all afternoon until its time for dinner. The aroma of onions and sauce dominate the air. No matter where you are in the house, you can smell the deliciousness! You can hear the kids all laughing and playing. Sometimes they are fighting, or whining… but that is also normal.

These are the days to relax and be with family. Most of the time that means the 4 or 5 of us; other times, that means extended family as well. No matter how many people, the tradition remains the same.

Pasta Sunday is what we call it. Appetizers might be in the mix if the guest list is large, or if dinner will be served after 5:30 pm. There is garlic bread and salad to go along with the main course every time. Italians do things a bit different and eat the salad after the main meal. Traditionally, as the legend says, this is help the stomach absorb the food you just ate and help you digest. I have to admit, it works. The first time I ate salad AFTER dinner, instead of before, I really liked the way I felt.

Today was like every other pasta Sunday. We devoured a caprese salad,


Chef Greg’s Twist on Linguini Bolognese,


garlic bread,


a mixed green salad and red wine. And I have to say it was delish!

Even Ciro gobbled it all down!

During dinner we played our traditional game we like to call Disney Questions. This game can be found here. It is one of our absolute favorites since we are all HUGE Disney fans.

After dinner, the kids played and the adults relaxed!

Cheers to another successful Traditional Pasta Sunday!


Chief Oiler Lisa