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Chef Greg - The Fiery Fork

Chef Greg – The Fiery Fork

Chef Greg, devoted father and husband, was born in New York to a large, loving, Italian family, where his passion for cooking began at a very young age. Since his early days, he has developed a love for all things food – from cooking, to dining, to enjoying a savory meal with those he loves.

His journey took him from his home state to Vancouver, British Columbia, the Southern roots of North and South Carolina, and finally landed him in the eclectic deserts of Arizona. His experiences while traveling has expanded his talents and flavored his passion for food. Greg has worked for some of the top chefs in North America, honing his craft and furthering his mission to create stunning and delicious dishes that can be enjoyed at a table surrounded by love, happiness, and fun.

With a resume ranging from fine dining restaurants to in-home catering events, Greg’s skills and achievements have earned him the Taste of the Town award, more than once. Greg deeply believes that some of life’s strongest memories are created around the smells, tastes and colors of the dining experience. So put down that box of processed, artificially flavored junk, don your favorite apron, and join Chef Greg and the Fiery Fork on a fantastic journey through awesome foods, cuisine adventures, and good times!




Lisa - The Fiery Fork

Lisa – The Fiery Fork

Lisa De Rosa is the other half (some might say “better half”) of the Fiery Fork. Lisa is not only Chef Greg’s wife and Fiery Fork partner, but she is also the Essential Oils Goddess! The Fiery Fork is not only about great cooking, family and healthy living – it is also all about Essential Oils. Lots of people know the health benefits of essential oils but many don’t know they are a great ingredient to use in fine cooking!

Blessed with an entrepreneurial spirit, knowledge and talent in the areas of cooking and oils, and a desire to do something as partners – The Fiery Fork was the perfect endeavor! Cooking and essential oils are another perfect marriage and Lisa is so excited to be a part of this adventure.

Lisa is all about family, and is in her words “Mama Bear, hands down”. She lost her late husband in 2007 to a violent crime. With that type of tragedy comes strength, an appreciation for every single day, and renewed focus on family. Lisa’s husband, three children and her extended family are literally – her whole world.

When not working at her day job, or busy with her thriving Essential Oil business, or laboring at this new venture – Lisa enjoys dancing, shopping (duh), fashion, traveling, crafts and just being creative!

Lisa likes to tell people that when it comes to Essential Oils, they REALLY DO work! Essential Oils have amazing health and healing properties. The oils are distilled from plants, trees, flowers, fruits, woods, and many other aspects of nature and earth. They are the oldest medicine known to man. What about using them in food? This is a great way to get the highly concentrated health benefits from a single drop of oil versus a few pieces of fresh or dried herbs. The taste is great and the benefits far outweigh any other options available. Plus they are convenient!


Lisa has always wanted to own her own business and is driven by challenge and success. Greg is motivated by traditions, memories and creating fine food! Together they are The Fiery Fork.


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